Photo Gallery

Sekar Jagat Spa Bali Front building of Sekar Jagat Spa Nusa Dua

Welcome to spa nusa dua
Warm welcome!

 lobby of Sekar Jagat Spa Nusa Dua Green and spacious lobby

massage for couple Private and shady outdoor rooms for couple spa treatment

salon Traditional salon in Balinese style

Nusa Dua massage Bali massage in Nusa Dua at Sekar Jagat Spa

lulur Body Lulur, deep and soft exfoliation

body mask Application of a body mask

flower bath Aromatic flower bath

Shirodhara in Nusa Dua Ayurvedic Shirodhara, warm herbal oil poured on the forehead

nusa dua hair spa Balinese hair cream bath

Bali facial Bali facial

lymphatic drainage massage Manual lymphatic drainage massage

natural products Fresh, local and natural products used at Sekar Jagat Spa

boreh preparation Preparation with pestle and mortar

Body Boreh Application of boreh, a traditional warm healing pack

boreh healing wrap Body Boreh, a warm healing pack of Balinese origin

Courses in Bali massage and spa Balinese massage and spa courses in small classes. Individual, professional, flexible.

bali massage course One-to-one massage training at Sekar Jagat Spa

banner Stone banner of Sekar Jagat Spa